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Riverside Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Riverside Jiu Jitsu, Riverside BJJ
Riverside Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Riverside Jiu Jitsu, Riverside BJJ




About Kickboxing in Riverside

Our Muay-Thai Kickboxing:

The kickboxing curriculum we have is very different than the kickboxing styles trained in the US. The style that was taught to Sam Marcellini by Rob Kaman, a nine time world Thai Boxing champion- Originated from the Mejiro gym in Holland. This is a very famous gym and known as one of the best kickboxing schools in the world. Producing some of the best champions in the world. The history of our style roots back to Jan Plas (founder of Mejiro Gym) visiting Japan in 1975 and Training with Sensei Kurosaki at his Dojo in Tokyo in Japan. Sensei Kurosaki who was born in a traditional samurai family joined the Yamuaguchi Karate style of Goju Rye, and trained there together with Mas Oyama in 1953.

Oyama and Sensei Kurosaki decided to make their own style and called it Kyokushin kaikan. Mas Oyama was the one responsible for public relations. There is a lot of myth surrounding Mas Oyama but Sensei Kurosaki who stayed in the background, was the instructor and the real mean fighter. In 1976 Sensei Kurosaki broke away from Mas Oyama. He started his own Dojo, the Mejiro Gym, (now called the Kurosaki Dojo), which quickly became and still is one of the leading Japanese kickboxing gyms in Japan.

Jan Plas of Holland was very impressed with Kurosaki’s school and decided to stay there and train. Opening his Mejiro Gym in Amsterdam, Holland in 1975, and it was there that the new famous “Mejiro” style” was developed and perfected. The style was tested and honed in many Muay-Thai fights in Thailand, and many Mejiro Gym Students spend years training and competing in Thailand to perfect the “Mejiro Style”. Sam Marcellini studied under Rob Kaman who is the most well-known “Mejiro Style” champion. Sam Marcellini is the very first certified instructor of Rob Kaman in the US and as per Rob Kaman's testimonial his best student.

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Sam Marcellini, The 2nd degree Black Belt & Professor in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu & Kaman Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor with one of the most well rounded backgrounds in the industry.

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